Jellybones started as a student publication and has been on hiatus since our staff graduated in 2020. We’ve appreciated the emails from fans still finding our interviews after all these years. Now it’s 2024, and we’re reunited to launch Jellybones v2.

In some ways, we live in a golden age of musical journalism. The field is at its largest and most diverse, so artists are generally covered by journalist who have specialized knowledge and appreciation for the artists’ aesthetic goals. However, the corporatization of music journalism constrains the scope of what’s released. Short articles are easier to produce and content that deals with celebrity and Social Media spectacle generate the most engagement.

Jellybones v2 will focus on delivering longform interviews and essays by talented writers who are exceptional fans of music. If this describes you, reach out, as we plan to expand our team. We will continue to focus on forward-looking, independent artists. Jellybones will never seek profit or sponsorship.

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